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Companies & facilities timeline from 1975

Following on from an education in Arts and Sciences at Bishop's Stortford College, I moved to Italy straight from school and started working first as a stills photographer.


I lived between Milan and Rome, and, once visual effects supervision took me ever more onto advertising and film sets, I lived and worked in many different Countries for my work, while using Italy as my base.


1976-78 : Assistant editor, cameraman, and program director in SPQR TV - an Italian private television channel based in Rome and managed by film Director Giuseppe Collizzi (a highly successful Film Director at the time, and famed for having created the BUD SPENCER / TERENCE HILL Comedy Film Franchise). Collizzi placed his film professionals in the television station and I was trained extensively by them.


1978-83 : Post Production consultant in S.B.P. S.p.A.- a Post Production Facility in Rome, Italy, where I specialized in long format editing, digital video effects, and television graphics.


Thanks to my determination and craft skills I became a highly successful professional addition to the company, bringing in large quantities of advertising and broadcasting clients from Milan in those years.


1983-1985 : Consultant to RETE 4 in Milan (Channel Four - an Italian national private television channel), where I managed the network’s image and helped build the advanced post production facilities for these; I was among the proponents of the so-called “Technical Operations Centre” (TOC, and which is still in operation today, some 35 years later).


1985-1986 : Consultant in UVC srl. - an independent post production facility in Milan, Italy. I managed the creative, commercial, and technical divisions of the facility. During this period I also began on - set visual effects supervision, first in advertising, then later in feature films - an activity that was to become ever more part of my professional career.

1986-1987 : Founder and President of IMAGINACTION srl. In Milan - a small, highly focussed company based around Quantel’s Paintbox and specializing in graphics and animation for commercials, corporate communication and broadcast television.


The company was housed first in GUICAR srl. for 6 months - a larger post production facility then without graphic capabilities at the time and subsequently, in TTV S.p.A., the largest post production facility and film laboratory  in Milan at the time.


The highly successful, small company was subsequently bought outright by ETABETA srl., a larger, Rome based production and post production facility, and I went on to found a new computer graphics and visual effects division in TTV S.p.A.

1987 : Director of the videographics department of TTV S.p.A. in Milan. This proved the stepping stone to creating DIGITALVIDEO srl. together with financial backing from some of TTV’s partners.

1987-1991 : Founder and managing director of DIGITALVIDEO srl. in Milan. The first Italian "All Digital" post production facility to propose an efficient "Soho, London" style post production facility.


The company succeeded in obtaining strong market share in a very short time, and was highly profitable in the first year of operations. Since 1991 I am no longer shareholder of the company. The company became part of TTV, subsequently Blue Gold, and then The Square.


1992-2000 : Co-founder and managing director of INTERACTIVE S.p.A in Milan with Bruno Bogarelli and Giambattista Bianchi. 


Originally conceived as a multi-company - digital post production facility in Milan, and an early player in film visual effects. Interactive became a Market leader in its first year of activity. Since 2000 I am no longer a shareholder of the company

2000-2003 : Founder and managing director of  CINECITTÀ DIGITAL a new facility and division within the CINECITTÀ STUDIOS complex in Rome. The innovative facility was a World pioneer and technical test bed for cutting-edge digital film technology in it’s day, and soon became a showcase for other facilities around the world in those years.


The facility also gave daily feedback to technology manufacturer Quantel for development of the iQ/Pablo platform. David trained personnel and started-up a brand new pioneering digital intermediate division, while stimulating involvement in several European high technology research and development projects.


2006-2007 : Digital technologies and visual effects supervisor in AUGUSTUSCOLOR, Rome. The Italian processing lab installed state of the art digital technologies and built up new visual effects, digital intermediate, digital sound, and digital film printing divisions with my consultancy, guidance and help.


2007-2009 : Visual effects producer and visual effects supervisor for Mumbai-based ROSE MOVIES in India. I pioneered in India the 4k digital intermediate process for the film's post production.


2009-2010 : Consultant in E-MOTION srl., a digital production and post production facility based in Genoa, Italy. The company, an early adopter of Red Cameras, and present in the market mainly for corporate communication and commercials until my arrival, made investments in 3d equipment, with the objective to become the first complete 3d-capable facility for feature film production and post production in Italy.


I also operated the company’s Quantel Pablo for color grading and stereography, and followed production as stereographic supervisor.


2011: I consulted to SEAGULL srl. a Rome-based, editorially experienced post production company that went on to invest in high-end film 3d technology thanks to a Lazio Region fund project for innovation which I helped to create, and now offers it’s services to feature films, corporate communication and advertising clients.


I also operated personally the company’s 3d Quantel Pablo for color grading and stereography while I was there, training up the company’s personnel to operate it themselves.

2011 : I consulted to film Production Company WILDSIDE srl. in Rome as director of 3d for Fausto Brizzi’s film “COM'E' BELLO FAR L'AMORE IN 3D!". Italy’s first film of it’s kind to be shot and post produced in 3d.


2013 -2014 : I worked as 3D Native Stereographer on director Jean-Jacques Annaud’s "THE LAST WOLF" for a  co-production with French Reperage and China Film Group.


2018 : I became Senior International Consultant to AUGUSTUSCOLOR, Rome.


2019 : Together with Mike Connor we have developed the

 8k Mobile Digital Lab for worldwide rental.


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