Visual Effects

on Set

For some types of visual effects, and especially those where we try to capture as much as possible in camera, the possibility of making extremely high quality vfx composites on set also makes sound creative and economic sense.


As a visual effects supervisor that has worked for decades with the equivalent of a blindfold over my eyes, I have always dreamt that I would have been able to see all of the elements we had just shot put together. Well, now its become possible, and with a calibrated 6k Apple XDR the vfx can be shown to director and approved, or, if there is a need, re-shot then and there. 

Some additional visual effects with more cgi can be prepared prior to the production, and worked on with live elements if necessary.

VFX with Fusion

Layering of one image on top of another or combining live action shots with carefully shot plates enables the creation of photorealistic effects. Match moves, stabilisation and resizing of plates, together with tracked rotoscope points help objects and effects blend seamlessly and in perfect synchronisation.


Fusion features several keyers, including the delta keyer which uses advanced image science, along with a complete set of matte finesse controls, offering the cleanest possible keys while preserving fine image detail such as smoke and hair. 

Images can be blended with elements like volumetric fog and lights with interactive control. The paint tool quickly removes wires, rigs or other unwanted elements.


Fusion uses Nodes. These are incredibly easy to use, especially as scenes become more complex. Fusion's nodes are small icons that represent effects, filters and other image processing operations. Nodes can be easily connected together to build larger and more complex visual effects. Tools, images, and objects can be combined in any order to create unlimited visual effects. Simply clicking on a node allows for fast adjustment, and groups of vfx can reutilise these nodes. 


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